About Me

Hi, Fred Saffore here. Having traded stocks for 10 years now, my goal through LoneStockTrader.com is to help you understand how to become a successful trader.

I’m just a regular guy with an average sense of humor, an average IQ (hopefully…), who was raised in a middle class family in a tiny town in France.

I did all the possible mistakes in the book (and some more) and that cost me to lose 90% of my net worth at some point.
Despite that devastating loss, I decided not to give up (after several months of whining). I crawled my way back up by relentlessly studying and developing my own strategy, spending every single waking hours on my craft for 5 years before finally developing a consistent winning strategy. I’ve now finally become consistently profitable and am able live off my winnings.

If you want to learn more about my story, you can download my eBook “How I Became Profitable in the Stock Market” here.

The goal

Several studies show that less than 10% of us – the retail traders risking our own hard-earned money in underwear in front of our laptop – actually reach this level of success.
Looking back, I realize I now have first hand experience in getting from one of the worst trader out there to becoming part of the the top 10%. I now know exactly what separates successful traders from the masses. So looking at what I was able to accomplish, I’m here to tell you that since I’ve done it, you can do it too.
So the main goal of Lone Stock Trader is to explain you how to achieve success in stock trading and move from the 90% to the 10%. And with a little help from you guys, we might just be able to change those odds a little bit.

Welcome to LoneStockTrader.com