There is so much BS on the Internet on stock trading. After spending many years failing, learning and developing my own strategy, I was finally able to make the switch 4 years ago and become a full-time independent trader. Let me tell you the truth about what it takes, what works and what doesn’t in the realm of Stock Trading

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My Trading Journal – New Features

  I've just spent the last 2 months creating myself a new trading journal on Google Sheets.  The reason it took me that long was that I've added new personalized tools to it in order to: 1- help me reduce my trading mistakes2- make it easy to check what would...

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The 4 Best Things I Bought this Year

As Christmas is approaching, I thought I'd share a couple of things I bought this year, things that I'm now using every single day and that really made my life better.Things are neither good or bad. It's the way we use them that can make our lives better or worse. 1-...

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11 years ago, my dream of being financially free was shattered as I lost almost everything I had in the markets. G…
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